PROsetta 0.3.2 2021-07-20

PROsetta 0.3.1 Unreleased

Bug fixes

  • Fixed where runCalibration(fixedpar = TRUE) was not reading anchor parameters correctly when an integer value existed in anchor parameters.
  • Fixed where item parameters for dichotomous items were triggering an error while being parsed.
  • For compatibility with R < 4.0, loadData() now sanitizes input data when a data frame is supplied.

PROsetta 0.3.0 2021-04-13

New features

  • runLinking() now supports method = 'CPFIXEDDIM' to perform two-dimensional calibration, for use in performing calibrated projection (Thissen et al., 2015). The difference with method = 'CP' is that 'CPFIXEDDIM' constrains the mean and the variance of the latent anchor dimension, instead of constraining anchor item parameters. For this purpose, a unidimensional fixed parameter calibration using only the anchor response data is performed to obtain the mean and the variance.
  • getRSSS() for computing a single raw-score to standard-score table is now exposed.

PROsetta 0.2.1 2020-11-25

QoL updates

  • Added getResponse() for extracting scale-wise response data from a PROsetta_data object.
  • Added getItemNames() for extracting scale-wise item names from a PROsetta_data object.

PROsetta 0.2.0 2020-09-20

New features

Bug fixes

PROsetta 0.1.4 2020-07-01

  • First public release.

Structural changes

  • PROsetta_config class and createConfig() are now deprecated. The functionalities are merged to PROsetta_data class and loadData().
  • run*() functions now require PROsetta_data objects instead of PROsetta_config objects.
  • runLinking() now has method argument to specify the type of linking to perform. Accepts MM, MS, HB, SL, and FIXEDPAR.


  • runLinking() is now capable of performing fixed calibration.
  • runCalibration() now performs free calibration by default.
  • runCalibration() and runLinking() now errors when iteration limit is reached, without returning results.
  • runRSSS() now returns thetas in addition to T-scores, and also expected scores in each scale.
  • runEquateObserved() now has type_to argument to specify direct raw -> T-score equating or regular raw -> raw equating.
  • Functions are now more verbose.
  • Added PROMIS Depression - CES-D linking dataset data_dep.
  • Added plot() for drawing raw score distribution histograms.
  • Added plotInfo() for drawing scale information plots.
  • Added several helper functions.
  • Made cosmetic improvements on Shiny app.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed where Shiny app was displaying SL method linear transformation constants regardless of specified linking method.

PROsetta 0.0.4 Unreleased

PROsetta 0.0.3 Unreleased